25 dec

Exploring the mystic beauty of Northern India

India is a land of such dynamic varsities, such that in one region you find the lush green vegetation and on the other you find the sandy and breezy beaches. Due to the accumulation of such varying habitats, India is one of the current hotspots for tourist attractions around the world, as the tourists can enjoy the different aspects of nature, without even travelling different countries or different continents. The currency value also provides to be of a big boost to the foreigners, who get to travel in India at very cost effective prices. When one travels to the Northern Part of India, they surround themselves with the beautiful mystic mountains. The Northern region of the country has different hill stations like Nanital, Mussorie, Shimla, Manali and several others, that are surrounded by natural beauty all around and give the travel enthusiasts, a journey of mesmerizing experiences worth their lifetime. The topmost part of country consists of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, which is regarded as the heaven on the earth by the Mughal emperor Jahangir, due to the beauty and wonderful aura of the snow covered mountains and the beautiful gardens like Shalimar and Nishad.


The Northern part of the country is a home to several endangered species and wildlife conservation parks like the Jim Corbett Park in Uttrakhand, Kanha National Park, etc.. The northern India is also famous for the different religious places like Amarnath, Kedarnath, Vaishno Devi, Haridwar and many other. These places attract the major share of travellers due to the believes of the people and the peace generated through such places.


The Northern region also has a rich cultural and ethnic background due to which it attracts several foreigner travellers who want to enjoy and explore the rich culture and encapsulate the strong sense  of the Indian aroma.